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NOTE: DO NOT attempt to peel off the top sheet of your solar panel. This is protective top layer that is not meant to be removed.  Sunflare modules are more flexible than silicon-based solar panels for cars. That makes them easier to install and eliminates the micro-cracking that silicon cells experience after the flexing of sport and recreational driving. Micro-cracking compromises the electrical integrity and reduces the power output of the panels over time. In addition, the Sunflare panels are better in partial shade. Each cell has a bypass diode so that only the shaded cell turns off. Other panels are set in strings so that if one cell in a string is shaded, the whole string goes out. Depending where the shade is hitting, the whole panel can be knocked out.
  • Maximum Power Point: Pmpp 126W
  • Maximum Power Point Tolerance: ±5%
  • Maximum Power Point Voltage: Vmpp 19.53V
  • Maximum Power Point Current: Impp 6.2A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: Voc 25.2V
  • Short Circuit Voltage: Isc 7.4A
  • Maximum Power Point Temp. Coeff.: 0.4%/C°